Renewing Our Commitment to One Another

At Columbia, we strive to educate future generations, create knowledge that will take humanity forward, and invest in community, both locally and globally. Our mission cannot succeed without a commitment to thoughtful, rigorous debate that respects our collective rights to learn, work, and live together, free of bigotry, intimidation, and harassment.

Every day at Columbia, we witness moments of remarkable compassion, of colleagues and classmates learning from each other and their diverse life stories. This site will showcase opportunities and resources that are available across our campuses to foster enriching experiences worthy of a great, global university and the extraordinary students, faculty, and staff who call Columbia home.

“Challenging times can also call on us to reflect on our values and to create a stronger Columbia community.”

President Minouche Shafik


President Minouche Shafik and Interim Provost Dennis Mitchell Announce the Values in Action Initiative

Dialogue Across Difference

Freedom of expression thrives within a culture of civility and empathy. Dialogue Across Difference (DxD), part of the Values in Action initiative, is designed to foster a resilient and inclusive community of learners among students, faculty, and staff and to engage with diverse perspectives and navigate challenging conversations with a shared commitment to mutual understanding and respect.

A Note From Columbia's Deans

“As academic leaders, we pledge to foster ways to think about, discuss, and debate these critical issues, taking full advantage of our deep expertise and intellectual energy.... We are affirming here our own commitment to nurturing a truly compassionate intellectual community, and to critical and constructive debate.” 

At Columbia, We

Teach people how to think, not what to think.

The intellectual freedom of our students and faculty to debate issues and come to their own views is sacrosanct.

Help students discover the many complex sides to every issue.

None of this is possible without a commitment to thoughtful, rigorous debate that respects our collective rights to learn, work, and live together free from bigotry, intimidation, and harassment.

Create an environment where people feel challenged and learn to navigate the discomfort that comes with that.

Which means applying rules of conduct fairly to all, because everyone has a right to feel safe, welcome, and heard at Columbia.


Learn to speak and listen with respect.

We must cultivate a university culture that pushes back on the forces that seek to divide us, a culture that encourages empathy, not personal attacks on individuals or identities.  

The University is launching improved reporting and response systems and reviewing its rules.